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Women 's leather travel backpack

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Look great and keep your belongings safe with this high quality Multi Function  Purse Soft PU Leather!

This high quality Multi-Function Backpack Purse keeps your things safe and away from thieves.  Thieves like to look for easy targets.   Let’s be honest; when you are shopping, traveling, sightseeing, commuting or just out doing daily errands, your attention is focused on other things and may not be on your backpack or purse.  Traditional backpacks and purses are easy targets for thieves and pickpockets because their openings face away from you and are easy for others to access, even when zipped.  




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This Soft PU Leather Travel Backpack Purse is large enough to carry all of your belongings while traveling, commuting, shopping, or running errands.  It’s also a fantastic replacement for a traditional purse.  There is a growing trend where women are replacing their purses with backpacks.  This backpack purse is multi-functional and comes with an additional shoulder strap so it can be worn not only as a backpack but it can also be worn over the shoulder like a traditional purse. 

With a stunningly simple exterior, this high quality Multi-Function  Purse has a look that will never go out of style.  It was made to go where you go and look great doing it.  Don’t delay, order yours today!

Size: 30 cm long, high 42 cm, 11 cm wide
Material: high grade PU leather
Capacity: can fit into a notebook, magazines, etc
Structure: internal zipper bag, document bag
Purpose: backpack
Weight: 1 kg

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